New site for 2016

I bought this new domain so...

I had to make a new site. Really, I needed a new site anyway. The last one had little thought put into it and no heart. This one is different.

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The Non-Design

Here are some screen shots of the app I'll be working with.

For my August 31 deadline, I'm considering myself successful if a user can create and account, log in/out, create, edit, delete, and view a recipe. I'll need only a few screens to work with to acheive this success.

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Dev Environment

I'm writing this on

I blew up npm but running $ npm install -g npm. It felt weird when typing it and it immediately broke npm.

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Why am I blogging?

Simply, to document building this: Cookbook repo on Github, but hear me out, if you want...

It was April, 2013.

I was a few weeks into a frontend programming program (The Iron Yard) when I sketched some app screens that would become my class project. I got this far (Batchmaker repo on Github) on the project with help from classmates and the instructor.

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