Cookbook App

  • Tools used:
  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • PHP
  • Wufoo
  • Google Maps

A super-cool, feature-filled, un-finished online recipe book.

The project currently known as The Cookbook App started years ago when I was but a student at The Iron Yard. The task was to create a Backbone.js app. I made an okay amount of progress for having only been writing Javascript for a couple months, but once the class was over and I began working on real projects, I dropped this app as a side project and focussed on getting paid and getting better just building websites. (I really wanted to quit running food every night!) Anyway, I moved it off my plate but I could never really move it out of my mind. The unfinished app sort of haunted me.

I think it haunted me for two reasons. One, Backbone was hard for me to learn. I feel like once I had an excuse to put the hard project down, I took it. Two, I really liked working on it and a few people were actually looking forward to using it. I feel like a bit of a failure because of said reasons and I can't live like that.

Although I certainly failed to launch this, again, at the end of Summer 2015, I'm not letting it go.

What is it, anyway? It's a personal recipe book online (and offline). It's not for sharing or finding recipes, but for storing your secret family recipes and scaling them quickly and accurately.