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The Grand Slams are Straight Outta America's Favorite Diner.

Screenshot of Denny's desktop view.
Screenshot of Denny's desktop view.
Screenshot of Denny's mobile view.
Screenshot of Denny's mobile view.

Denny's is a great client of Erwin Penland's and I've been fortunate to work on quite a few proejcts of theirs. They are always a lot of fun to build and I actually find myself re-vsiting them for fun later on.

The Grand Slams existence (and success) is an agency-wide effort–a lot of people put a lot of work into adding another dimension to Denny's social presence and borderline-acceptable sense of humor. As Denny's Diner has a huge online following, our team had to be up to the challenge of providing an home for these Slams that would be as excellent as the daily content put out on Twitter and Tumblr.

A few standout features made this site fun to build. Things like a day and night CSS theme based time of day, the layered scroll effects, parallax header, and the Slams showing their faces on hover in the menu were all really nice touches that make this a site people don't mind coming back to over and over again.

The site has held up to thousands of hits a month through the first season of The Grand Slams webisodes. I look forward to seeing it grow through the anticipated season two. The Denny's faithful really love this stuff. It's fun to be a part of bringing a smile to people's faces.