Hunger Crunch

  • Tools used:
  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • jQuery
  • Gulp

Play video games or help feed orphans? Play Hunger Crunch and do both!

Screenshot of Hunger Crunch desktop view.
Screenshot of Hunger Crunch desktop view.
Screenshot of Hunger Crunch mobile view.
Screenshot of Hunger Crunch mobile view.

When a designer friend, Bryan Martin of Rice Bowls (makers of Hunger Crunch), asked me to build the website for the video game, I said yes with a quickness. Bryan is a fantastic designer and a lot of fun to be around. We spent every bit of the week we had to get this done, batting around ideas and finding solutions to get his design feeling and working just right on the web. Hunger Crunch is a really fun video game (web, iOS, Android) that uses 100% of the money from in-app purchases to buy food that feeds hungry orphans where the need is greatest.