I want to be actively be seen as an energized, available, and qualified developer to industry peers looking to talk shop or work on a project together, and businesses looking for someone to help them get a site into existence or a feature built out.

This site is very simply three things: an introduction, a portfolio, and a blog. I've gotten away with not having a bonafide portfolio for quite some time, but it seemed like I needed a place to send people and not have to give a disclaimer that "It sucks/It's old/It's not much, but you can look."

This site will be successful if one or more of the following happens:

  • It gets me freelance work.
  • It pressures me to write more and better.
  • My wife, family, and friends thinks it's cool.
  • It gets, like, just enough traffic to make me think it's worth keeping. I don't know, 100 hits if I tweet aobut it or something like that. This is not actually super-important.
  • I finish it. (I've already done this so, success1.0!)
  • The repo for the site has even one contributor other than myself.

The idea of a /pupose can be found here. I don't know if the movement ever really gained any real momentum but the idea stuck with me over the last couple years so I thought I'd do one. In addition to this possibly being helpful for you, it was helpful for me to think through why I needed a website once that was established, I could move onto, "OK, how should I do this?".